Monday, December 7, 2009

Parker and the reindeer

Happy Holidays everyone! Sunday we went to Creekside Nursery down the street to visit Santa and his reindeer. While Santa was M.I.A. (not sure where he was??), we did get to see some pretty neat reindeer. While Parker wasn't as fearless as he was last year when it came to petting the reindeer, he was just as curious! He also had a school project of decorating a gingerbread man for his mother's day out program. While it could have been much more creative, we did work with what we had in the house. Parker also loved using the glue stick! And the best part is, he didn't try to eat the glue!

The preganancy is coming right along! We are 21 weeks and have been feeling good (which I am most appreicative of!) We also found out it is a BOY! We are very excited at the thought of having two boys running around the house! I can hear the noise level escalating now!! I guess Smokey and I are going to have to stick together!

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