Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween as come and gone

Halloween this year was nothing like we have ever experienced before. When we lived in Memphis, we would get maybe one or two trick or treaters but this year living in Knoxville, was something totally different! To start, the entire neighborhood was invited to a "pre-party" at my neighbors house where they were serving pizza by the slice. There had to have been at least 40 kids running around in the backyard, all in their costumes. It was too cute! Parker was right in the middle of it! He loved being around all of those little kids! After the "pre-party" we were hit with about 40 trick or treaters - all at once! All you could see was a wall of kids running to our house. It was great and everyone had a great time (believe it or not, we did have candy leftover!) ! Parker was so glad to see Gigi last weekend. He got so excited when I brought her home from the airport. I think we are all looking forward to going to Memphis for Thanksgiving. It's definetly been awhile since we have been home and we are excited to see the family! I know Parker will love playing with all 13 of his cousins that will be there! What a family!

On another note, Robert and I went to the UT/Wyoming game yesterday with our friends, John and Rachel. That poor team, I think everyone is ready for this season to be over. How awful! How could you losing to Wyoming? Our friend John had quite a hard time believing this last night but it's true, 13-7......Oh well, here is to next year's season!