Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend is here! The end of summer is finally upon us! I think it hit me when last night I came into the den and Robert said, "honey, the SEC football season has officially kicked off!" And there on the TV was South Carolina warming up for the kick off! Wow has summer flown by! My sister and her family are coming up to spend the weekend with us - we are so excited! We've got a few things planned but nothing too special. Knoxville has a big fireworks celebration called Boomsday we will go to. And then on Monday, it's off to the beach! Just say a prayer that Gustov goes the other way and not towards our beach!

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend and everyone's teams are victorious this weekend! I have been converted to a UT fan since meeting Robert five years ago, so Go Vols! They play UCLA Monday night at 8pm on ESPN so tune in!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting ready for vacation

Well, it is finally that time of year - family vacation time! And not only is it vacation time but it is our FIRST family vacation since Parker was born. We are going down to Gulf Shores, Al for six days. As we get closer and closer to departing for vacation, I realize I am getting more and more nervous and anxious. Robert and I have never been to the beach with a baby, well he's not even a baby anymore - a walking toddler! I keep telling Robert its not going to be the same, no sitting on the beach all day drinking ice cold Corona, falling asleep with your feet in the sand, watching the sunset and then going to get a great seafood dinner. Nope, this year it was going to be totally different. Chasing a 1 year old up and down the beach, going to the pool, going up to the condo for lunch time and for nap time, then reapplying the sunscreen and going back down to the beach only to discover that the baby is much more happier at the pool. But thankfully, my mother is coming to help with Parker. Thank goodness she will be there! I think I have stressed myself out enough just thinking about it but it will be a good time and I will finally, finally get some much needed sun! Gotta love that vitamin D! Hopefully my anxiety level will decrease as we get closer to departure. We will see!

Oh here are some pictures of Parker chasing Smokey around the den. Turns out Smokey loves Parker's new Elmo chair just as much as Parker does which I must say doesn't make Mr. Parker too happy!

Happy Monday to all!
P.S. - I am new to this blog thing so be patient while I work on formats and what not...Thanks!