Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween pictures

Happy (soggy, wet) Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Well, this year the weather in Knoxville decided not to cooperate. It started raining late Friday night and hasn't really stopped since then. And because you can't cancel Halloween, our neighbor went ahead with her 7th annual Halloween "pre-party" and moved all the festivites to inside her house! There were probably 30 adults and 20 kids running around eating pizza and dancing, it was great! Wild, but great! Parker the dragon/dinosaur was a bit intimidated when we first walked in but quickly warmed up and joined in on the festivites! The rain did stop long enough for all the kids to go outside for a group picture! Which, while Parker was running around in the yard, he slipped in a pile of dog poop and we did not discover until he and Robert were at their third house and Robert kept smelling "that smell" so, they had to stop with the trick or treating and get him home. It was all over his costume and his hands. GROSS!! But he didn't seem to mind, he had a great time and I think next year he will really get it and LOVE Halloween. He did have part of a peanut butter cup and a tootsie roll and loved them both! He is my child after all! I knew he had it in him!!

I am into my 16th week of pregnancy! Time is flying by! I have been feeling great, except this week I did start having some serious round ligament pain which kept me off of my feet Monday and got me to the doctors office on Wed. Apparently this is pretty common but if it continues, I might be spending more time with my feet up and resting than I would like..I go for my 17 week appt next Tues and then at 19 weeks, we get the big ultrasound!!! More details on that a bit later...Take care everyone!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Parker's 1st haircut

So we finally took Parker to Super Cuts to get his hair cut! While he was a very good little boy and sat still for the majority of the time, he did have his wiggle moments. Overall, I think the experience went very well. I almost cried when we walked in the place but I had to remind myself that A.) it's probably just the hormones working in overtime and B.) it's really time for him to get his hair cut, I mean, the neighbor thought he was a little girl! We did keep a few locks of his hair for the baby book, I just can't believe what a big boy he looks like now! He was so proud when the stylist was finished, he kept looking in the mirror and giggling! 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall afternoons & Handy Parker

ey everyone! Here are a few pics of Parker enjoying the perfect fall weather we have been having and making a few repairs to my PC as Handy Parker (note, he was watching Handy Manny on the TV at the time and felt the need to start making repairs to everything!) I hope everyone else is enjoying this weather! We hope to get our pumpkin today and Parker will be getting a hair cut later this afternoon...Say a prayer for us that it goes well! I'll post pics in a bit!