Monday, December 7, 2009

Parker and the reindeer

Happy Holidays everyone! Sunday we went to Creekside Nursery down the street to visit Santa and his reindeer. While Santa was M.I.A. (not sure where he was??), we did get to see some pretty neat reindeer. While Parker wasn't as fearless as he was last year when it came to petting the reindeer, he was just as curious! He also had a school project of decorating a gingerbread man for his mother's day out program. While it could have been much more creative, we did work with what we had in the house. Parker also loved using the glue stick! And the best part is, he didn't try to eat the glue!

The preganancy is coming right along! We are 21 weeks and have been feeling good (which I am most appreicative of!) We also found out it is a BOY! We are very excited at the thought of having two boys running around the house! I can hear the noise level escalating now!! I guess Smokey and I are going to have to stick together!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween pictures

Happy (soggy, wet) Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Well, this year the weather in Knoxville decided not to cooperate. It started raining late Friday night and hasn't really stopped since then. And because you can't cancel Halloween, our neighbor went ahead with her 7th annual Halloween "pre-party" and moved all the festivites to inside her house! There were probably 30 adults and 20 kids running around eating pizza and dancing, it was great! Wild, but great! Parker the dragon/dinosaur was a bit intimidated when we first walked in but quickly warmed up and joined in on the festivites! The rain did stop long enough for all the kids to go outside for a group picture! Which, while Parker was running around in the yard, he slipped in a pile of dog poop and we did not discover until he and Robert were at their third house and Robert kept smelling "that smell" so, they had to stop with the trick or treating and get him home. It was all over his costume and his hands. GROSS!! But he didn't seem to mind, he had a great time and I think next year he will really get it and LOVE Halloween. He did have part of a peanut butter cup and a tootsie roll and loved them both! He is my child after all! I knew he had it in him!!

I am into my 16th week of pregnancy! Time is flying by! I have been feeling great, except this week I did start having some serious round ligament pain which kept me off of my feet Monday and got me to the doctors office on Wed. Apparently this is pretty common but if it continues, I might be spending more time with my feet up and resting than I would like..I go for my 17 week appt next Tues and then at 19 weeks, we get the big ultrasound!!! More details on that a bit later...Take care everyone!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Parker's 1st haircut

So we finally took Parker to Super Cuts to get his hair cut! While he was a very good little boy and sat still for the majority of the time, he did have his wiggle moments. Overall, I think the experience went very well. I almost cried when we walked in the place but I had to remind myself that A.) it's probably just the hormones working in overtime and B.) it's really time for him to get his hair cut, I mean, the neighbor thought he was a little girl! We did keep a few locks of his hair for the baby book, I just can't believe what a big boy he looks like now! He was so proud when the stylist was finished, he kept looking in the mirror and giggling! 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall afternoons & Handy Parker

ey everyone! Here are a few pics of Parker enjoying the perfect fall weather we have been having and making a few repairs to my PC as Handy Parker (note, he was watching Handy Manny on the TV at the time and felt the need to start making repairs to everything!) I hope everyone else is enjoying this weather! We hope to get our pumpkin today and Parker will be getting a hair cut later this afternoon...Say a prayer for us that it goes well! I'll post pics in a bit!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome fall!

Well, Monday was officially the last day of summer (or was it Tuesday!) I think we are all ready for fall around here, it has been such a mild summer, I think we were feeling like it was fall in July! They are forecasting evening temps next week to be in the 50s! Fall will definetly go by fast, between UT football games, family visiting and a few weekend road trips, Christmas will be here before you know it! Thankfully, I will be 12 weeks (Welcome 2nd trimester!) next week and I am starting to get most of my energy back, which is great because I have a feeling I am going to need it!

Parker started a new MDO at the beginning of the month and is doing great! He attends Tues, Wed and Thurs from 9-1. He loves it! He comes home everyday in a great mood and is always bringing home a ton of artwork! My fridge is starting to look like a makeshift art museum! If anyone has any ideas on what to do with all of this beautiful artwork, please let me know!

Monday, August 17, 2009

More birthday pics

Parker turns 2!

Friday was Parker's 2nd birthday! We celebrated by coming into town (Memphis) on Wed. His party was Saturday at the Wiseman house. All the family was there and a few friends made it to the party! Since Parker is soo into choo choo trains these days, we had the folks at Happy Times Farm in Nesbit bring up a train to take the kids up and down the street. (I personally think the adults liked it just as much as the kids!) Parker has had a blast this past week playing with all the cousins. It is so neat that they are all so close in age! They really get along and play well! We are headed back to Knoxville on Wednesday. Parker starts a new mother's day out program next week, so we must get him ready for that! Thanks again to everyone who helped out with Parker's party! I couldn't have done it without ya!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New bed

Here are a few pictures of Parker's new big boy bed. Robert took down his crib and the new bed was delivered while P was at school and I was at work. I almost cried when I walked into his room and saw his crib was gone! My baby is getting so big! But Parker was so excited when he got home and saw the bed; he immediately climbed into it and did a big belly flop onto the pillows. The first night in it was a little ruff, it took him awhile to fall asleep and then when he woke up twice in the night, I had to climb into bed with him so he could go back to sleep but other than that he seems to be taking to it well! We will see how night #2 goes!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keeping a 2yr old stationary on the beach....

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a pool with sand and water in it, on the beach! In order to keep Parker from running up and down the beach, Nana bought him a pool and put some water and sand in it. It has kept him occupied for hours! Who would have thought, a pool on the beach! Forget the ocean, waves and seashells, we have made our own salt water pool!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The kitchen sink...

Everyday it amazes me the things that Parker finds interesting enough to want to play with - the broom and dust pan, the attachments to the vacuum, flashlights, the list goes on and on (toys, what toys?? I dont even know why we waste our money on toys)...But his latest fascination is the kitchen sink...He will play for hours with the water, cups and occasionally, the dish soap! Notice the big red bucket in the sink, yeah, he toted that in from the garage..The sink is the first thing he runs to in the morning and the last thing he wants to play with at night. It's too funny but not helping the water bill at all! Can't wait to see what next month's bill is...I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th - more zoo pics

Happy 4th!

With the weather being as nice as it has been in K-ville, 83 was the high yesterday, we decide to take Parker to the zoo. P started out in the stroller but as soon as we got to the first exhibit, he wanted out and then it was 90 to nothing! He was off like a shot and basically ran for the next hour. But he did stop to enjoy a few of the animals, the pigs were by far his favorite as was the slide on the playground! He also like the petting zoo and the elephants. We would love to take him to see the fireworks tonight but they don't start until 9:30! Way past Parker's bedtime, oh well, I guess there is always next year! Happy 4th!!

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