Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fast forward a few weeks..

Fast forward a few weeks..Here are a few updated pictures of Owen. Also, here is a picture Parker at his mommy and me art class and one at his swim class. Enjoy!

What has been going on..

Well, it has definitely been awhile since I have updated the blog but here I am and I am determined to give it another shot..We will see...

The Sayle family has been a bit busy the past few months. Robert Owen Sayle was born on April 13 at 7:09pm. He weighed in at 8lb 12oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. Despite him being such a big boy, labor and delivery was relatively easy.  He is blessed to share his birthdate with his cousin, Mary Ellis Sayle, who just turned 2! I have a feeling we will never forget her birthday! Life with two children has been interesting, Parker took a few weeks to adjust but is doing great now and really loves being a big brother. He helps with feedings and diaper changes. He loves taking the diapers to the diaper pail and telling me when Owen is crying. He also loves to help with Owen's bath time. It's really cute to see the two of them together, I can only imagine how it is going to be when they get older!

Owen is such a laid back baby; we are really so blessed. He only cries when he is really sleepy, has a dirty diaper or is hungry. At 9 weeks old, he started sleeping thru the night from 8pm - 630am. Anything is possible with sleep! He has been to the Smoky Mountains twice and to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga when he was only a few weeks old. He is on the go! With a big brother who loves to be out and about, he really has no choice! He loves to look at mommy and daddy and smile! He is such a sweet boy!

Parker has been busy with his summer mother's day out program that he attends three days a week. He enjoys the artwork portion most of all and we have an art collection that is multiplying weekly! We attempted potty training a few weeks ago. He did really well for awhile but accident after accident; we have put that on the back burner. I cannot tell you how old it gets wiping up #1 and #2s off of the floor..He is so busy running around and being "involved" how would he have time to focus on when he needs to go potty?? Potty training is definitely the hardest thing we have tried to accomplish. I will take away that paci any day compared to potty training. Yuck

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New pajamas

Here a few pictures of Parker in his new pj's he picked out on Friday. Once we got home, he immediately had to put them on (over his regular clothes) and then wore them that way ALL day! I don't think he even wanted to take them off for his bath! Personally, I think he looks like a  little Skittle in them but he loves them! It's so funny to see his personality coming out in the things he choose for himself!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are a few pics of Parker helping make a Valentine's cake for his daddy! Ohhh, did he have fun! While he was dying to get his fingers into the batter, cake and frosting, he was very behaved and a great assistant chef! And does he lovvve cake!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 was all over the place this year! Robert and I went snow skiing in Colorado one week before and then spent the week of Christmas in Memphis. We were away from Knoxville and our cat, Smokey, for almost two weeks! Let's say that when we got home, we were very glad to be back but we were thankful to be able to spend the time with all of our families before the baby comes in April! Parker loved Christmas this year, he has finally gotten into the unwrapping of the gift thing and that yes, in all of those pretty presents under the tree are TOYS! He is also quite a fan of Santa! He stroked his beard and gave hime a kiss, it was too cute!!

Keystone, Colorado

Before the Christmas holiday, Robert and I were lucky enough to be able to get away to Keystone, Colorado for a few days with the Wisemans, my brother and his fiance. My parents, Pee-paw and Nan, were nice enough to take care of Parker while we got away. Robert and the rest of the group got in plenty of skiing while I got plenty of rest and relaxation. We hope to make skiing an annual trip for our family!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Parker and the reindeer

Happy Holidays everyone! Sunday we went to Creekside Nursery down the street to visit Santa and his reindeer. While Santa was M.I.A. (not sure where he was??), we did get to see some pretty neat reindeer. While Parker wasn't as fearless as he was last year when it came to petting the reindeer, he was just as curious! He also had a school project of decorating a gingerbread man for his mother's day out program. While it could have been much more creative, we did work with what we had in the house. Parker also loved using the glue stick! And the best part is, he didn't try to eat the glue!

The preganancy is coming right along! We are 21 weeks and have been feeling good (which I am most appreicative of!) We also found out it is a BOY! We are very excited at the thought of having two boys running around the house! I can hear the noise level escalating now!! I guess Smokey and I are going to have to stick together!