Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog back up and running....

Happy 2009 everyone! (Yes, I know I am a little late but I guess it's better to be late than never, right??) Well after a three month break from blogging, I am really going to try and rededicate myself to it. My friend Leigh had to remind me that I have a blog and it's been months since I have posted! Leigh, thanks for the reminder! So I guess we will just do quick updates on everyone in the family! Parker has definitely been keeping us on our toes lately, just when you think you have baby-proofed all that you can, your child grows another inch or two and discovers that he can pull open the drawers in the kitchen. And not only can he pull them open, he can reach in and grab stuff out of them! That sent us into a quick panic; moving meat thermometers, blades to the Cuisinart and kabob sticks (is that what they are called?) to higher ground! He has also discovered Smokey's food and water bowls. He loves to sneak into the kitchen, run over to them and then dump them out! And then once you have busted him, he runs to get a kitchen towel to wipe up the mess. It's pretty funny but a huge mess! And not to mention, it ticks Smokey off pretty badly! He is talking more and more everyday, sputtering out things like, "See ya!" or "Bye John!" (when our friend John Harris leaves the house) he can also say "Hey" with a pretty thick Southern accent! He is still going to mother's day out two days a week and loving it! I can't believe he will be 18 months on Saturday, where in the world has the time gone by?? Where is my baby??
Robert and I are also doing well! Robert has been very busy with work, which is a true blessing! People in his field are being laid off all the time! I guess in these tight economic times, people need their Dollar Generals! So if there is one near you, I highly suggest shopping there! As for me, I am still working for the Keegan part time. Three days at home and two at the office. This has really worked out well for me and we all hope it continues as long as it can.

I will try to update the blog at least once a week, however if you see I haven't updated in awhile, let me know! It's hard to get anything done on the computer when all your little one wants to do when he sees you working on it is bang on the keys and try to crash the hard drive! (Don't laugh, he crashed the first hard drive I had on this laptop!)

Have a good week everyone!!!